Create vision is something I’ve been passionate about for a long time now. About 10 years ago it started as an idea. It was a way of communicating love, a way to capture the beauty of creation. This idea grew and developed over time.

I took a load of photos and the idea grew some more. During this time, create vision was very much a personal exploration of photography, faith, and general creativity.

Photograph of a create vision photographers Norwich, Norfolk

In May 2013 a few people met up to take some photos, to be creative and to have a bit of a laugh (our first workshop). The initial idea had evolved from something personal and private to something public, something shared – it was now a community exploration. A year passed before our second workshop (you can’t rush these things) however, 6 months later monthly photography workshops had commenced and we’d launched a Goliath of a project one million churches.

one million churches

Following much debate and prayer, in December last year we swapped the monthly workshops for quarterly ones – giving me more time to spend with my growing family. Following much more debate and prayer, I am excited to announce that create vision has evolved again into something new.

I am returning closer to the original idea I had all those years ago. My intention was always that create vision would be a vehicle to benefit others – a way for God’s love to flow through my camera to bless people, businesses and churches. The past couple of years have been great, I’ve met some truly amazing people at the workshops. I’ve been touched by their stories and I’ve been inspired by each of them. Unfortunately the workshops have now come to an end.

Going forwards, create vision is the name I will use to represent myself as an individual photography practitioner. My goal is to return to the initial vision – I want to inspire worship through what I see, what I capture and what I create.

Photograph of Photographer captures Corton Beach, Lowestoft

One million Churches will continue in the background and from time to time I’ll provide an update for those who are interested. Please continue to contribute to this awesome project (I still get as excited about it as the day #onemillionchurches was first used).

I would like to thank everyone who has been part of this journey so far. If you’ve attended one workshop, uploaded an image to one million churches, commented on a post or even just said you like the idea for a challenge, your encouragement has been a huge blessing. I hope you will continue to follow the create vision journey and maybe even get involved from time to time where possible.

Thanks for your support.