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You may remember back to a couple of weeks ago when we announced the winner from our “look up” challenge. Fran Stone captured a perfect example of the perspective we were looking for, so it is now her choice to pick a subject for the next challenge.

The photography of typography is a concept we love (great choice Fran). Good typography has a massive impact on our lives everyday – sometimes without us even knowing. It catches our eye on an advert, it enables us to clearly read important notices/signs, but most importantly, it’s beautiful.

Come and meet us on 4th June for a closer look at some ways to capture words & text with photography.

We’re meeting in the Royal Arcade, Norwich (NR2 1NQ) at 10:30

£3 per person

please contact with any questions you may have.


Details for submissions will be announced after the workshop. Stay tuned for more information.