Today, we would like to introduce ‘challenges’ – a new way of including and inspiring more people with our workshops.

Until now, the only way to get involved with our workshops was to attend them. This is great if you’re local, however if you live on the other side of the world or if you already have plans the date one is scheduled for, it isn’t so great.

cv-12_Tom Oliver_29

We will still continue to hold our quarterly workshops, however rather than rushing to send your images to us asap, we are now giving you a month to submit any image you want which fits the subject. Thats right – any image. As long as it has been taken by you and fits the subject, you can submit it.

So, why are we doing this?
Firstly it means that if you haven’t been able to attend a workshop, you don’t miss out on the fun of taking photos and trying to get the best image to fit an obscure brief.
Secondly, if you have been at the workshop and you’ve started to experiment with an idea, you can then spend longer getting that image perfect rather than just submitting what was taken on the day.
Thirdly is hindsight. Too many times most of us have finished photo-shoots and a day or two later have thought of an idea which would have been perfect. With ‘challenges’ we have a whole month to utilise those hindsight moments and go back and shoot them again.


So now that anyone in the world can submit any image they have taken to our ‘challenges’ we would like to pick a winning image from each challenge. The winner will have the task of deciding the next challenge and will have their winning image displayed pride-of-place on our homepage.

For details about the current challenge, please click here or visit the challenges tab on our home page.