The guest blog is back and this week we have a real treat for you! This blog by Matt Finch not only shows off his talent and creativity, but is challenging and inspiring.

Hello, I am Matt Finch.
I’m a Graphic Designer and Photographer from Ipswich (Suffolk).
I worship at Burlington Baptist Church.
I have always been a creative person, from a young age I remember drawing and making images. There was never a point in my life where I was not encouraged to create. It wasn’t really until I was around 17 years old when my youth leader reminded me, that God is the ultimate creator and that creativity is a gift he has given to me. This inspired me and changed my relationship with him. Whether that was with design, photography or film. I was conscious to the fact that what I was creating did have more purpose than I thought. 
Light the Way
As Christians we are called to worship God. A lot of people believe that we have to go to church on a Sunday to do this. Worship doesn’t have to just be in a church building. It can be in the local park, on a long walk around the countryside or in a coffee shop.  I personally find myself doing this especially while I’m creating and taking photographs. Consider this; How can you worship God in a way that will both place him at the centre, but also make your soul sing even more?
The Grazing Kind
Photography makes my soul sing, I love to capture moments in time but also to show God’s creation. I can often stand in awe of creation, it is something that can not be fathomed by the human mind. Having a real appreciation for being outdoors and walking is great. It gives me so many opportunities to capture photographs. By sharing my images with lots of different people, I really love that they may be affected by in the same way I was. 
Similarly the same can be said for when I design, I feel I have a real purpose. Graphic design in its nature is about getting a message across to an audience. So it can either affect change to make someone think about what they are doing. With this in mind I do try to consider the affect I am having on people. It gives me a chance to have a positive impact on the world around me. 
The process of creating and taking photographs gives me a lot of time to think, it focuses my mind. As a process I personally find it so satisfying. Seeing other people being creative inspires me and is also so rewarding when they are doing it in God’s name. 
So my challenge to you is, to explore worshipping God in a more creative way.  And see how your relationship will change with him. 

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