scan from sketchbook 1

Josh Luetchford has written our next Guest Blog. You can clearly see how nature and Creation has influenced his work which often has an organic feel to it…

My name is Josh Luetchford. I’m from Ipswich, Suffolk. I studied Illustration at Uni in Cambridge and I enjoy creative activities such as photography, drawing and painting. I go to Burlington Baptist church in Ipswich.

Being creative is something I enjoy exploring, I believe it is something that God has given us to use for worshiping Him with and to enjoy for ourselves.


My photography, drawing and painting have been things that have provided space for social interaction as well as exploring my creativity further. Through my photography and illustration I have developed some of my friendships with others who enjoy similar activities. I often draw from life and the subject of my photography is mainly the natural world so I see it as a way of exploring God’s creation more, as well as something for my own enjoyment.


Through studying nature and landscapes for drawing or photography or observing people to capture their character. I have found myself in amazement at what an amazing world we live in, so beautifully crafted by our creator God. There is so much beauty to be found in the world around us, so much life to be explored.

Something I am trying to grasp at the moment is that the God who is capable of creating something as big, complicated and beautiful as our earth, solar system and universe places such a value on me and you. He created us and we bear His image.

With my work I hope to capture a moment of something from life that I see in front of me so that others can then see it and appreciate it too.