black and white photograph of musician playing guitar for Barnabas Me

This week we’re mixing up our guest blog series a little bit with some music.  We’d like to introduce you to one of the most talented, humble and genuine people we’ve met – Mr Josh Bunce.

Hello. My name is Josh. I am a songwriter based in Durham. I am part of Emmanuel Church. You can find out more about our community at

As soon as you lay claim to the title of songwriter, usually the first question are asked is, ‘how do you write a song? Do you start with the melody or the lyrics?’

A common answer is, a combination of both. But really if we think about it, every song starts with a moment of inspiration. Maybe it’s an experience that leads to a certain emotion or perhaps it’s something the writer has read or seen or heard.

For instance, I wrote and recorded the song Temporary State when I was 18 in response to realising how obsessed our society has become with having what is new. Our disposable culture is driven by a lack of trying.


black and white photograph of musician Josh Bunce playing guitar for Barnabas MeOk, so let’s think about purpose. We’ve established that songwriters write songs to express something – an outlet for inspiration. But if it stops there haven’t we missed something? Like most things in life, if we only do them to fulfil our own selfish ambition, we will spend our life chasing satisfaction from something that cannot satisfy. There comes a point where every songwriter has to ask, ‘what or who is this song for’? And the answer to that question might mean compromise and sacrifice.

For All Eternity is a song I wrote to help church congregations worship God. It isn’t the type of music that I would choose to listen to at home and the current arrangement isn’t what I first had in mind, but it fulfils its purpose brilliantly:

TRO_3122As a follower of Jesus, He is the ultimate inspiration for my song writing. Sometimes songs will be written in response to something God has done but they are always written because of who He is. When, as Christian songwriters, we write from that place, I believe that we really begin to implement what it means to be made in the image of an infinitely creative God. He is the ultimate inspiration and His praise, the ultimate purpose of my creativity.