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Our Guest Blog series continues with some inspiring thoughts on painting and God from Hannah Harper…

I love to paint. I love to draw and I love it when I have that moment of inspiration, when the holy spirit pops a picture into my head and I know exactly what to paint. I struggle to paint these days unless there is a God purpose in it. I believe that what you paint comes from your soul, its expressing something that words can’t, a little like a tongue or a wordless song. And for me God has to be in each of my paintings. Not an image representation of God but he has to have breathed some life into it.

Most of my art reflects something specific God was speaking to me in a particular season of life. I produced a painting in 2008(ish) with the well known Martin Luthor King quote ‘Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that.’ The painting for me reflects that sentiment. It’s one of hope, a punchy reminder that Love conquers in a world where we seem to see darkness flourish. 

Hannah Harper_02

When I was asked me to write this it was with regard to a very different piece. This piece for me stirs so much emotion and evokes comments for most who see it. I initially found it quite strange as it has always been a ‘work in progress’, on the surface it doesn’t look like much at all, never finished in my eyes. Usually God speaks to me before I make the painting but with this one he speaks to me after I have painted it. I have had it for 4 years in different stages of “finished” and it seems to change and reflect what is going on in my life. For those who know me I have had a tumultuous 3 years to say the least but Gods light has broken through. He has turned those dark, hopeless, grey situations into places of hope, filled with his glorious light. This painting will change and evolve again as God starts to do a new work in me but for now, I will continue to gaze upon it every day and remember that no matter what the day brings His light with bathe my life in heavenly truth. 

Hannah Harper_01