The challenge set at this workshop was simple, Think before you take a shot.

Have you made the most of your subject?

Have you captured the best angle?

Have you composed your image in the most eye catching way?

Composition is the art of arranging in a decorative manner the various elements which the painter uses to express his sentiments. In a picture every separate part will be visible and… everything which has no utility in the picture is for that reason harmful. (Henri Matisse)

We discussed a variety of compositional techniques and each chose one to focus on. Some of the images below are those taken using symmetry, some are using framing. Enjoy.

cv-11_Kevin Gotts_03

cv-11_Kevin Gotts_02 cv-11_Kevin Gotts_01

cv-11_Thomas Oliver_01

cv-11_Thomas Oliver_03

cv-11_Thomas Oliver_02

cv-11_Monika Guzik_01

cv-11_Monika Guzik_02

cv-11_Monika Guzik_03