Jennike Venner_sunset2

Exciting stuff!!

Today we launch the first of a new series of guest blogs. Hopefully the beautiful images in this series and the thoughts behind them will inspire and encourage you to create something yourself. We have the work of some really creative people to show you – starting now.

So without further ado, let me Introduce you to the lovely Jennike Venner…

My name is Jenni. I am an amateur photographer from Norwich, UK. My home church is Eternity Church in Norwich.

Although I photograph many things, I am always drawn back to landscape photography. Vistas of sky and mountain are food for my soul. God speaks to me most in what I call the ‘silent song’ of nature. An azure sky pocketed with fluffy clouds, the different hues of a sunset dancing over mountains or a sunrise nudging the earth from its slumber. Such detail in the small things that all come together to create a visual symphony. I am reminded that this same Creator God who crafted the earth and heavens knit me together with such care and detail too. The earth and skies are His playground. He is the creative genius, I just try to capture a good ‘screen-shot’.

Jennike Venner_sunset

On a recent trip to Arizona USA, I was privileged to visit a slot canyon. On the approach to the canyon the landscape is fairly barren and flat, nothing to get excited about. However, once you are inside the slot you step into another world. The floodwaters have eroded deep chasms in the soft sandstone rock. The light bouncing off the beautiful curves of the stone walls creates colours that are astonishing. Standing alone in one I was surrounded by stillness. And in that silent place I sensed God chuckle. He was delightfully showing me one of His hidden treasures.

Jennike Venner_slot canyon

“Shout for joy, you heavens; rejoice, you earth; burst into song, you mountains!” Isaiah 49:13

Jennike Venner_Monument Valley

I got to see many sunrises and sunsets too. A favourite was Monument Valley, a flat and sparse area with great rock formations that rise up out of the landscape. The land comes alive in a magical way at sunrise and sunset. It was a reminder that the day with its’ events, is over. I will never get it back. Savour it. With the sunrise there is always a second chance, a new beginning. When I find myself in the most barren of places, be it physical, emotional or spiritual, He is still constant and present.

This is HOPE.

Jennike Venner_sunset3