A good friend of mine Karl Hendry emailed me this photo a week or two ago. It is of an illustration showing the different parts of a church in detail. It’s incredible to think that old buildings like the churches being photographed for one million churches were so detailed architecturally when they were all built by hand. It’s the unique wood carvings that really amaze me; the amount of time that must’ve gone in to creating each one in an individual way. Churches like these were built to be beautiful, were built to make you stop and consider the workmanship and think about why so much effort was put in to build a building like this. They were built as a place to worship God. To reflect His beauty and His creation.

Next time you pass an old church, take a bit of time to look at the detail, and the craftsmanship, and the beauty. Consider, the time and effort gone to and think about why this was necessary to create such a masterpiece.