portrait photography taken at create vision event "Proper Portraits"

Lyam Bewry
 – the creative genius behind the create vision logo.

Based in Norwich UK, Lyam is a musician, a designer and an all round great guy to know. If you haven’t seen/heard his creations yet, check out his website now.

1.Tell us about yourself. What do you do for a living? What are your interests?
I am Lyam. I am 21 and a graphic designer and student. For a living I borrow money off the student loans company. I’m interested in funky bass lines and apparently unpopular music, hoarding creative stuff and I guess interviews.
2.How did you become interested in graphic design?
I like this question – it makes me feel old and wise. Well, there was once a time when a site named Myspace ruled the internet. And to be cool on Myspace, you had to pimp your page design through html and css (web design language). That, as well as making album art for my music in my early teens, was when I became interested in what I now know as ‘graphic design’.
3.Talk us through one of your favourite logos?
My favourite logo has to be this by Herb Lubalin:
Mother & Child
It is a genius idea simply executed. I don’t really have much more to say – perhaps other than it is 50 years old and still is perfect today and even tomorrow. Incredible.
4.How do you think your design work relates to your photography?
My design work is very much ideas based. It’s sometimes playful, often has wit and twists meaning or existing visual language. Sometimes it tells a story. These are all things that translate into my photography.
A few of Lyam’s designs:
5.What would you like to photograph in the future with create vision?
I’m not sure. I quite like spontaneity, I guess, finding unexpected in the expected. You can’t really plan that.
A few of Lyam’s witty photographs: